Recent Paua Updates and Enhancements

September 2020

  • Enquiries now include a record of the user who recorded the enqiry. You can also search Enquiries by user etc.
  • There is a new Dashboard on the main menu that shows New Clients, Exited Clients, Number of Contacts etc. for each month over the last year.

July 2020

  • New field on the Interested Party tab to record Onward Referrer
  • Ability to search for clients with contacts before or after a specific date

March 2020

  • New button on All Engagaments tab. The New Engagement for this Person button will create a new client record for the current person in focus.
  • New optional field Travel Kilometres on Client Contacts. (Note that the new field has not been retrospectively added to all Contact reports but is available in User Defined Reports )

February 2020

  • It is now possible to search for clients by street address.

December 2019

  • Admin Time is now available as an optional field on the contacts page. This field will be reported on in the Time Spent reports.
  • Paua will no longer send ontacts from before client activation to PRIMHD