Standard Forms

Standard Forms are predefined questionaires that are used in various mental health assessments.

Within Paua there are:

  • ADOM Alcohol and Drug Outcome Measurement
  • SACS Substance and Choices Scale
  • HoNOSCA; HoNOS; HoNOS65+ Health of the Nation Outcome Scales
  • KESSLER Kessler psychological distress scale
  • MAST-G Michigan Alcohol Screening test

The forms must be enabled individually in Preferences in order to be available on the client details page.

Filling in the forms

Any of the standard forms that have been enabled will be available from the Standard Forms tab link on the main client details page.


When you click on the Standard Forms link you will see a submenu with the individual forms. If the form is grey then it means that there are no filled out forms for this client, whereas if the link is black it means that there is at least one form of this type filled in for the client.

Clicking on the link for a form gives you a page where you see a list of any prefviously completed forms and a Fill in New xxxx link to fill in a new form.

When you click the Fill in New button you first fill in some basic details about the Date filled in, the Collection Point, and the Person Completing the form

Collection point is a user populated dropdown in Dropdown Maintenance.

After the initial fields you will see the actual form which can vary in complexity depending on which form you are filling in.

Outputting the form data

Under the Reports Menu there is an option called Standard Form Output which will generat output csv files of the input data.

In the case of ADOM there is also a graphical output option.