Client Form Letters

Client form letters are a way of inserting a clients details into a standard Microsoft word .docx document.

Enabling Form Letters

Form letters are not a standard feature of Paua and if you want to use this feature then you must enable it in Preferences under Enable Optional Features.

Creating Form Letters

First of all you need to create a generic document that you will want to send to many different clients. This document must be in .docx format and must not be a template (.dotx) file.

The document may contain multiple tags to trigger insertion of client data.

Permissable tags are:

  • {client_name}
  • {client_first_name}
  • {client_last_name}
  • {client_address}
  • {client_dob}
  • {client_nhi}
  • {client_postcode}
  • {client_suburb}
  • {client_town}
  • {date}

A letter might look something like the excerpt below:





{client_town} {client_postcode}

Dear {client_name},

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer pretium volutpat erat.
Maecenas sit amet libero felis. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Curabitur volutpat
enim nunc, non commodo ex porta quis. Curabitur bibendum consequat justo egestas bibendum.
Ut sit amet felis ac orci porta lacinia luctus eget arcu. Morbi consequat tellus sit
amet lacus hendrerit eleifend. Sed malesuada porttitor risus, ut laoreet nibh rutrum



Uploading the letter to Paua

Once the word document is created it has to be uploaded to Paua. This is done from the Dropdowns menu in the Administration module under Miscellaneous Dropdowns. You need to click New Form Letter and give it a new. You then click the Choose file button and select the word document that you have just created.


The document is validated during upload to verify that there are no unmatched curly brackets ie. an unequal number of left and right handed brackets.

For example {client_name} blah blah { blah blah {client_dob}

Paua also validates that there are no nested brackets like this {client_name{client_dob}}

Paua does not validate that all tags within curly brackets are valid tags. If the tag is not one of the permissible tags it will just be ignored when the tags are being replaced by data.

Inserting the client details and downloading the completed document

If you have form letters enabled in Paua then under Client Details there will be an extra option at the top of the page called Form Letters.

All you have to do is select the required form letter from the dropdown list and then click the Fill and Download button. The document will be downloaded to your computer with all the tags replaced with client data.


If the client does not have any data for a tag in the document then the tag will be replaced with blank space. This may occur for example if the client does not have any address recorded or no NHI number etc.