Editing client details

The main client page

The main client page is made up of several parts.

  • At the top is a coloured box containing summary information about the client including Address, Contact Details and Programme.
  • Next are a whole series of links to other client tabs. These links are generally coloured blue if there is some data on the tab, otherwise they are coloured gray.
  • Below the list of tabs is the actual Personal Details and Client Engagement Details. The Personal Details have sub tabs for Contact Details, Addresses etc.
  • At the bottom of the page are the buttons for performing operations on this client. What buttons are visible will depend on the current status of the client and the privilege level of the logged in user.

Editing the personal details

To edit the personal details simply click on the edit link next to the Personal Details title. The fields will become editable and there will be a Save button to save your changes. To go back to the main client page without saving any changes just click again on the Client Details tab at the top of the page.


Changing the personal details here will cause the details to change anywhere in the system where this person appears. This may be on another client engagement or as a family member of another client for example.

Adding and Editing Contact Details

Simply clicking on the Contact Details tab will enable the entering or editing of contact details for the person. There is also a space for notes about contacting this person.

Adding Addresses

Paua keeps a record of all past addresses for a person. If the person has had previous addresses recorded then they will appear in a list on the Address tab. Clicking on one of these addresses will bring up the address details page but there is no way to actually edit an address apart from adding notes. If the person has changed address then you simply have to enter a new address by clicking the New Address button at the bottom of the page.


The New Address page has a Find Address field that acts as a smart address finder. Just start typing in the address and the address finder should dropdown some matching addresses. Pick the one that is correct and click Save and you have entered a new address. For New Zealand agencies the addressfinder uses a list provided by NZ Post. For overseas agencies the addressfinder uses google maps.