Family Clients

For agencies that work with whole families there is a feature in Paua called Family Clients. When clients are specified as being Family Clients it means that for the whole family there is one Primary Family Client and one or more Subsidiary Family Clients. The main difference between Individual Clients and Family Clients is that for family clients there is only one set of notes, attachments, goals, outcomes etc for the whole family.


in order to use the Family Client functionality described here you must have the Enable Family Module checkbox ticked in pereferences.

Creating Family Clients

The Primary Client

You start by creating the Primary Client. Add the client as usual but tick the box on the main client engagement details page where it says Family Client? When the client is saved they will automatically become a Primary Family Client.


If you create the client as a standard Individual Client you can go back in and check the Family Client? box to turn the client into a Primary Family Client.

The Subsidiary Clients

Add Family Members to the primary client as you would for a normal individual client. After adding a family member you wil see an Add as Family Client button in the list of family members If you click on this button the family member will become a client in their own right and will be a Subsidiary Family Client to the primary client.

You will notice that in addition to the Family Members tab there is now also a new tab called Family Clients. Open this tab and you will see that the family member/s who have been added as Family Clients will appear in this tab. If you click on one of these family clients you will be taken to the client record for this person.

The subsidiary client will have the Family Client? checkbox ticked and their Family Status will be set to Subsidiary Family Client. The other difference from a primary client is that by default at the top of the page there are only two tabs, Client Details and Family Clients. If you want to enter any Client Contacts, Assessments, Outcomes and so on then you have to enter them against the primary client.


If you are looking at a Subsidiary Family Client and want to see the Client Contacts for example then in order to load the Primary Family Client is to open the Family Clients tab and click on the name at the top of the list which is the Primary Family Client.


Although by default the only tabs available on subsidiary family clients are Client Details and Family Clients, there is the option to change this under preferences. If the Family Client feature is enabled then there is an additional preference panel titled Family Module Preferences.

On this panel you can select which tabs you want available for subsidiary family clients. It is worth noting that if Issues, Outcomes and Properties are are not enabled then the values set for the Primary Family Client will automatically be applied to the Subsidiaries

Switching Primary Client

Sometimes you may decide that your choice of primary client is inappropriate. In this case just click on the Change Primary Client button on the Family Members tab. You will get a dialog where you select the the client that you want to be the primary and click Change.