Family Members

When you click the Family Members tab link you are presented with a list of family members for the client. Obviously for a person who is new to the agency this will be a blank list.


If the client has been created with the Create client with existing person option then all demographic data will automatically be present.

If the existing person has been a prefious or current client then all family data should already be set up and there will be a list of family members even if it is a new client.

Family Member relationships only work one way, from the client to the family member. This means that if the existing person selected has not been a client but only the Family Member of a client then the list of family members will be empty.

However Paua will search for potential Family Members by looking for any other relationships that include this person.

A list of possibly related people will then be listed on the Family Members tab and there is a button against each one called Add as Family Member. You just have to fill in the Relationship to Client as Paua cannot work this out.

Adding a new family member

In the same way as when you create clients there is an option to Create Family Members with New Person or if that person is already on record, to simply use the existing person record by selecting the Create Family Member from Existing Person option.

Create family member with new person

If the family member is not already know to the agency, simply click the Create Family Member with New Person button. You get a simple screen where you add the Relationship to Client from a dropdown list and then fill in the standard demographic details for the family member. There is space to add notes applicable to this family member and also a checkbox Use as contact for dependent child. This checkbox is for use in the Groups Module when printing groups lists. This family member will be printed out as the contact person if the client is a dependent of this family member and is participating in an offsite group activity.

After clicking Create you will be taken back to the list of family members with the new family member included. When entering the new person details Paua does a check to see if perhaps this person does already exist in Paua. After you have typed in the first name and last name you may get a dialog appear listing several suggested people who match this name. If one of them is indeed the person you are wanting to enter then simply click the Select button next to their name in the list and the behaviour will then be as if you had selected Create Family Member from an existing person.

Create Family Member from an existing person

If you believe that the family member is already on file, perhaps as a client in their own right or already as a family member for somebody else, then just fill in the name at the bottom of the page and click Search. You will get a list of potential matches. Select the correct person by clicking the select button to the right of the person’s name in the list. You will be taken to a page with the family member’s details already filled in and all you have to do is set the Relationship to Client and possibly make some notes or fill in the Use as contact checkbox.