Issues document the problems and issues that the client is hoping to address as part of the engagement with the agency. The client’s issues are accessed from the Issues tab link at the top of the client details page.


The tab links are colour coded, Grey means that the is no content currently saved in that tab. Blue indicates that there is data to be found. This is to prevent users pointlessly clicking on tabs only to find that there is nothing to see. For Client Issues there is the additional possibility of Red. This indicates that there is an issue that has been flagged in Dropdown Maintenance as being a highlighted issue. Normally this is if there is a safety concern.

Adding a new issue

Click on the New Client Issue button at the bottom of the page and you will be able to select the required issue from a dropdown list and optionally add some notes.


You can also add Start Date and End Date to the issue for issues for which these dates are relevent and/or important.

Editing an issue

By clicking on the issue name you can edit an existing issue. You cannot change the actual issue name but you can change the start and end dates or change the notes.