Client Assessments

Client Assessments are sets of questions that all require answers on a scale of 0 to 10. The Assessment forms are designed in the Administration Module and responses are filled in on the client record on the Client Assessments tab.

The same assessment may be given several times over the course of a client engagement thus giving a record of possible improvement.

It is also possible to do an analysis of progress across a whole cohort of clients by running an Assessment Analysis on multiple clients from the Client Reports tab after performing a client search.

Creating an Assessment

Pick the Client Assessments option from the main Administration Menu. Any existing forms will be shown in the list and you can create a new form with the New Client Assessment Form button. Initially all you have to specify is the name of the form and optionally the maximum score for the questions. By default the maximum is 10 but you can set it to a different value if you wish.

After saving the form you can go back and add questions. Each question has a number, the actual text of the question and a question type. For assessment forms there is only one assessment type which is Numeric Score


Always design the questions so that the most desirable answer has the highest score. ie the questions should be positive rather than negative. For example the question ‘I feel good about myself’ would have a 10 as the most desirable response. Whereas ‘I do not feel good about myself’ would have a most desirable response of 0 and hence analysis of the results could become meaningless when the numbers for different questions are averaged together.

Filling in an Assessment

Bring up the required client in the Client Management module and the click on the Client Assessments link at the top of the page.

The Client Assessment page has three parts. At the top is a dropdown list of the available assessment forms that have been created. To enter responses simply pick the required form and click Add to client.

The assessment form will then appear in the Assessments given section of the page. Just click on the form in this list and you will see a set of Slider controls, one for each question on the form. Enter the date and set the sliders to the correct values for the reponse and then click Save


If you prefer to enter numbers rather than using the slider then click the Show as numbers button at the bottom and you can enter as numbers instead of using the sliders. You should save any data that has already been entered before switching between numbers and sliders.

Assessment Analysis (single client)

Once responses have been entered then you can use the Analysis feature which is at the bottom of the page. Pick the form for which you want the analysis from the drop down list and then click Analyse.

The analysis will show each of the questions along with the response number. If the form has been answered several times then both seta of responses will be shown allowing you to judge whether there has been any improvement. The analysis can be exported to a csv file by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Assessment Analysis (multiple clients)

You can analyse the responses across a number of clients by first selecting the cohort of clients that you are interested in. For example those activated in a certain period or those from a specific programme. On the page where the resulting list of clients is displayed there is a tab at the top of the page Client Reports. Select this tab and then pick the Assessment Statistics option.

You can then choose the form for which you want the analysis and run the report. The report will show all the questions with an average response value averaged across all the clients who answered the question.


There is a button at the top of the page labelled Show answer counts. If you click this then the number of responses to each question will be shown against the response. This can be invaluable for indicating whether there are enoug responses to make the analysis statistically meaningful.