Client Contacts

Client Contact or Case Notes are accessed by clicking on the Client Contacts tab link on the client details screen.

Adding a new client contact

Click the New Client Contact button and you will get the data entry page. Along with the actual text with the client contact, there is also information specifying the Contact Type, Contact Date, Worker, With Whom and Time Spent.

If the optional Travel Time field is enabled then you will also be able to specify this.

It is worth mentioning that the Time Spent field is used to calculate the amount of time spent on clients for various reports and breakdowns.

In order for this figure to be a true measure of time spent it may be necessary to include time spent writing up notes and so on in this time.

The text entry box supports all the normal formatting of font sizes, bold, italics, bullet points etc.

There are two separate save options at the bottom of the page Save Final and Save Draft.

Save Draft

The purpose of the Save Draft option is to allow the record to be saved temporarily so that it can be revisited to finish off and do a Save Final.

Save Final

Once a client contact is saved final it is no longer editable.

If a client contact has not been finalised after ten days then it is automatically finalised by the system.