Accessing User Maintenance

To perform all functions with users, creating new users, inactivating users who have left the agency, resetting user passwords, granting privileges etc. access is by clicking Users in the Admin menu. You will see a list of all the users already set up in the system.


The term User and Worker are interchangeable in Paua and refer to the same entity.

Creating or Editing a user

Click the New User button at the bottom of the list of current users to create a new user or click on a line in the list of users to edit an existing user.

You will see the New User or Edit User page with all the fields required to create a new user.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Logon Name. By convention this is the user’s first name and first letter of the last name. However this is only convention and you can choose whatever name you like.
  • Email. This is optional but if set it means that if the user’s password needs to be reset, an email with the new password will be sent to the user rather than shown to the administrator who has reset the password.
  • User Designation. This is optional and if used is normally the user’s job description. For example Social Worker or Youth Worker. The User designation is used primarily when printing out the user’s name in assessment forms.
  • Team Leader. Again this is optional and where used it is used primarily when using the Client Access Report
  • User Roles
    • Supervisor. This role is normally given to team leaders / supervisors.
    • Admin User. This role is given to somebody who needs to have access to Admin functions such as setting up users, creating reports, maintaining dropdown lists and so on.


You can assign both Administrator and Supervisor if you want to or neither.

Historically most functions that can be done by the Supervisor role can also be done by the Admin role. However this is not guaranteed to be the case.

Generally the Supervisor role is like a Basic User but with some extra access to some reports and functions such as Activating and Exiting clients.

The Admin role is intended for people who maintain the integrity of the Paua application including setting up dropdowns, creating user defined forms, creating evaluations and assessments and so on.

If you do not tick either of the boxes then the user becomes a Basic User. This is what the majority of users will be.

  • Specific Permissions. These permissions are available to Supervisors by default. If you tick these boxes for Basic Users then they will get the extra abilities. Ticking the boxes for Supervisor users will make no difference.
    • Evaluation Form Analysis.
    • User can access all client notes.
    • User can activate clients.
    • User can exit clients.
  • Calendar Settings. These settings are only available if the Calendar is enabled in Paua in the Preferences
    • Colour on Calendar. The colour that a booking for this user will appear in the calendar.
    • Text Colour on Calendar. The colour of the text on calendar entries for this user.

Saving the User Record

When you click Save the changes made will be saved to the database.

In the case of a new user the system will automatically generate a password for the user.


If you entered an email address for the new user then an email containing the new password will be sent to the user.

If you did not enter an email address then the generated password will be shown on the screen and the user will have to be informed manually.

Resetting a User’s Password

A user can change their own password from the Change Password option on the Paua Home menu.

However if they have forgotten their password then it can be reset by an Admin level user from the Editing User page.

Simply click on the Reset Password button at the bottom of the page and one of two things will happen.

If user has an email address set then an email containing the new password will be sent to the user. Otherwise then the new generated password will be shown on the screen and the user will have to be informed manually.