Client Notes

Notes are similar to Client Contacts in that they are notes about the client engagement but they do not necessarily correspond to contact with the client.

When Signing Off a client you are given the opportunity to create a Sign Off Note for the client if Client Notes are enabled.


Notes are not used by all agencies and there is an option to suppress notes in the Administration preferences. If notes have been disabled there will be no tab link at the top of the client details page.

Adding a new note

Click on the New Note button and there is a very simple screen which only consists of Note Type and the text of the note itself. The text box for entering the note supports most formatting features like colours, bullet points, font type and size etc.

There are two separate save options at the bottom of the page Save Final and Save Draft.

Save Draft

The purpose of the Save Draft option is to allow the record to be saved temporarily so that it can be revisited to finish off and do a Save Final.

Save Final

Once a note is saved final it is no longer editable.


If a note has not been finalised after ten days then it is automatically finalised by the system.


Notes are not included in any Paua Reports.

If the data you are entering into notes needs to be analysed then it should be entered somewhere else, probably under Client Contacts.