Goals are a feature where the social worker can set goals, mark them as achieved and possibly reset the goal for another period.

Adding a Goal

To create a new goal simply click on the New Goal button and fill in the details on the data entry page. Each goal has a headline name, a date set, a date achieved and an optional text note field. Normally at creation time the Date Achieved will be blank.

Editing a goal

To edit a goal click on the goal in the list, make any changes and click Save. To mark the goal as achieved simply add a Date Achieved.

Resetting a Goal

When a goal has been achieved there is an extra button that appears on the Edit Goal page. There is an option to Reset Goal. What this button does is make a copy of the goal with a start date of the date that the existing goal was achieved and a blank end date.

In other words a new goal of the same type is created starting from the date that the previous goal was achieved.