Searching for clients

In Paua you can find clients in the database by searching on a huge range of criteria.

The Client Search Page

If you are not already in the Client Management module then go to the Paua Home page by clicking on Home on the main navigation menu. Then select Client Management. You will automatically get the client search page.

If you are already in the Client Management module simply click on the Client Search option on the navigation menu.

The Search Criteria

There are many options for searching. The simplest search is by entering the client’s first name and/or last name and clicking Search. If you know the client number then you can enter that in the appropriate field under Client Engagement Criteria and click Search.

The search criteria on the screen are split into related groups which for the most part are fairly self explanatory.

Date Range Searches

Most of the Date Range Searches are quite simple and simply find clients who have an Activation Date or an Exit Date for instance in between the entered dates. Note that if you enter only a from date then all clients after that date will be selected. Similarly if you only enter a to date then all clients prior to that date will be selected.

Searching by Active Period From and Active Period To requires some more explanation. Unlike the other date ranges both the from and the to date must be entered when searching on active period. The search finds client who were active at some point in the period. The search checks that the activation date of the client must be before the to date and that the exit date must be either blank (the client is still active) or the exit date must be after the from date.