Client Workflow

Adding a new client

Before you can use any of the features of Paua you need to enter some clients into the system!

To add a new client you first select Client Management. In the left hand navigation menu and then click on the New Client button.

You will be presented with the New client page.


There is some help text on the new client page as follows:

You can choose to create a new Client from an existing person record if that person is already on file.

The person could be either a Client or a Family Member of another client. ie. One person record can have multiple Client Engagements and can be a Client and also a Family Member for another client at the same time. If the person is not already on record then you need to create a new person record by clicking Create Client with New Person.

This is very important as if the person is already on record somewhere then you can use the existing details and prevent duplication and save youself a lot of typing.

Creating a client with a new person

Start by clicking the Create Client with New Person button. You will be shown an entry form to enter all the person’s demographic details at the top of the page and the client engagement details below.


Before the record can be saved a status has to be set. Usually the status is will start as Waitlist and then when the client is activated the status will become Active. The Programme has to be filled in as well but the Worker does not have to be assigned until the client is activated.

After clicking Create the new client is saved and you are taken to the main client details page with the new client displayed.

Creating a client from an existing person

If you know, or suspect, that the person has already had some sort of interaction with your agency then you can try to create a client from an existing person.

At the bottom of the page are two fields for entering First name and Last name. Enter part of the client name into these two fields and then click Search.

Paua will display all matching people and if the person you were looking for appears in the list then you can just click that entry and you will be taken to the New Client page with the person details already filled in and you only need to fill in the Client Engagemnt Details and click Create the same as in the case of creating a client with a new person.


Sometimes there may be more matches than can easily be displayed on one page and Paua will only display the first twenty or so. In this case it is best to be more specific with your first name and last name criteria in order to reduce the possible matches.

Activating a Client

Once the client is entered into the system there are several options that appear as buttons across the bottom of the page. One of these options is Activate Client. This can be done as soon as the client is entered on the system, in which case the Entry Date will be the same as the Activation Date. Alternatively there may be a delay before the client is activated and in this case there will be an interval in between the Entry Date and the Activation Date and this is deemed by Paua for statistics purposes to be the Time on Waitlist.


Waiting times are defined differently by different agencies and organisaton. Time on Waitlist as mentioned here is not the same as the time reported on the Ministry of Health Wait Time Report which bases the time on the interval between the Activation Date and the first Face To Face Contact

On clicking the Activate Client button you get a small Activate Client page where you just need to assign the worker and set the new status to one of the Active statuses and click Activate.


By default only Supervisor class of user can Activate a client. However Basic level users can be assigned the privilege to Activate on the User setup page in the Administration module.

Exiting a Client

The client is exited when the Client Engagement is at an end. This would normally be after a period in an active state but may sometimes occur for clients that have not been activated. For example if the client fails to engage with the agency or does not become an active client for some other reason.

Exiting the client is very similar to the activation process. First click on the Exit Client button and you get the small Exit Client.

Simply select the required Final Status and click Exit. Once the client is exited the Client Engagement becomes read only.


By default only Supervisor class of user can Exit a client. However Basic level users can be assigned the privilege to Exit on the User setup page in the Administration module.

Sign off a client

There is one final optional step that may be done and that is Sign Off the client. This is a supervisor only action that is purely a check to make sure that everything has been done correctly for the client. To do the sign off simply click the Sign Off Client button. You will be presented with a page where you can enter any sign off notes as required and there is a Confirm Sign Off button.


If your agency does not use Client Notes and they are disabled in Preferences then there will only be a Confirm Sign Off button with no Notes panel.