Logging in to Paua

To login to the application first you must navigate to the correct address for Paua in your browser. The address is: https://pauasoftware.co.nz/paua/paua_login/.

Once you have successfully navigated to the correct page it is a good idea to bookmark the location in your browser.

Logging in requires you to enter the agency name followed by your user name and password.

After you have successfully logged in you will see navigation options on the left hand side of the screen. These options will vary depending on the user privileges that have been assigned to you.

Failed Logins

If you forget your password or accidentally type it in incorrectly then Paua will use a captcha check box for extra security.

This is a precaution to prevent automated systems from trying thousands of passwords one after another. Only a real person can read the instructions and perform the requested task which is normally simply clicking on a box to confirm that you are not a robot.