Safety Alerts

There is an optional dropdown at the Person level called Safety Alert

If this dropdown is enabled then the safety alert functionality in Paua is automatically enabled.

Setting an Alert

When editing the person details there is the facility to set an alert by picking a non blank value from the safety alert list.


In order to set a safety alert level the user must have at least Supervisor privilege.

You can also fill in a note field for a fuller description of the safety issue. If the safety notes are entered then it is mandatory to fill in the safety alert dropdown.

The Alert Process

When displaying a client record Paua will check the following areas for any alerts.

  • The the person record for the current client
  • All members of the Family Client grouping if the client is a family client
  • All other family members

If there are any alerts present then Paua will display an extra tab called Safety Alert. The tab lettering will be in red. The contents of the tab are also highlighted red and is a list of all alerts with the name of the person and their relationship to the current client. For example client, family client or family member.

The text of the alert is also displayed.