The Calendar is a simple visual calendar to give visibility to staff movements and or resource bookings such as rooms / cars etc.

It is accessed from the Calendar option on the left hand navigation menu.

The calendar has three modes, month week and day. Selectable at the top right hand corner of the calendar.

Adding bookings in the calendar

To add a booking simply click on the slot where you want the booking you will be shown a dialog where you can enter the details of the booking.

Note that you get a choice at this point of specifying that the booking is for a Worker or a Resource. If you select Worker then all registered users appear automatically in the dropdown . If you select Resource you get a list of the values that have been added in the Calendar Resources dropdown. The start and end time default to the slot that you have clicked on the calendar but you can change them. After clicking Save the new booking will appear in the Calendar.

Editing and Deleting calendar bookings

To change an existing booking just click on the coloured booking slot in the calendar and you will get a similar dialog to when you added the booking. The only difference is that here is also a delete button. You can change as much as you like and click save or simply delete the entire booking.


When setting up Users and Calendar Resources you get the option to set the text colour and the background colour that will be used on the calendar for the User or Resource. choosing different colours will help to distinguish different entries on the calendar.