Evaluation Forms

Evaluation forms are forms that you can design yourself in Paua to evaluate the agency or a service. The answers are provided by your clients but are not attributable to the clients as the answers are not attached to a specific client record.

Normally the forms are printed out and filled in by the client. You can indicate that the form has been given to the client on the Forms tab in the client management module. This enables you to track what percentage of forms have been returned.

The answers are then entered into the system by agency staff in the Reports section of Paua and you can then run an analysis of the forms to get an idea of the answers acroos multiple forms.

Questions can be of several types

  • Choices For example option a, option b or option c
  • Agreement levels Not Applicable, Strongly Disagree, Disagree, No Opinion, Agree, Strongly Agree
  • Satisfaction Levels Strongly Dissatisfied, Dissatisfied, No Opinion, Satisfied, Very Satisfied
  • Free Form Text


The form analysis can not aggregate answers which are in Free Form Text. In the Analysis Report answers in this format are just listed in a big list.

Creating Evaluation Forms

Evaluation Forms are accessed from the Admin Menu.

After clicking the Evaluation Forms button you will get a list of any pre*existing forms and a New Evaluation Form button.

To start the form creation simply click the New Evaluation Form button, enter the new form’s name and click Save.

The form will be created and you will be returned to the list of forms.

Copying an existing form

If you want to create a new form which is very similar to an existing form then you can use the Make Copy button from the list of forms.

A new form will be created with the same name as the old form but with Copy of at the beginning of the name.

The new form will appear in the list with the other forms.

Adding Questions to the Form

Click on the name of the form that you have just created in the list and you will get to the editing page for evaluation forms.

Adding questions is simply a matter of clicking the Add Question button and filling in the dialog.


If the question type chosen is Choices then you have to fill in the choices that you want to be available in the boxes at the bottom of the dialog. This is not required for the other question types.

You can add as many questions as you like and back on the editing evaluation form page there is a link to preview the form. This will show the form as it will be for data entry.

Editing Questions

After saving the question you are returned to a list of questions, where, by selecting the required question you can go back and edit a question after it has been saved.

Deleting Questions

From the Edit Question dialog there is also a Delete button.

Entering Evaluation Responses

Evaluation Responses are entered under the Report Menu under the Evaluation Forms option.

There are two options here Evaluation Form Entry and Evaluation Form Analysis.

Select Evaluation Form Entry to fill in a form. Then pick the form that you want to fill in from the list.

The next page shows you a list of forms of this type that have already been filled in with the most recent responses at the top of the list.

To add a fresh set of responses click on the New Response button. At the top of the next page is a field for the evaluation date and several other fields, depending on which Optional Fields are enabled for your agency, that will help with breakdown in the analysis.

Below that are all the questions requiring responses.


You do not have to fill an all the responses in one go. You can come back and add further answers. The number of questions that have been filled in for each form is shown on the list on the front page.

Keeping track of how many forms are given out

Although the evaluation forms are anonymous, there is a way to track how many forms have been given out by filling in the Evaluation Forms Given section on the Forms tab of the client page.

This enables the analysis to work out the percentage of forms that have been returned.

Running the Evaluation Analysis

Click the Evaluation Form Analysis option in the Report Menu under Evaluation Forms.

You can choose the form for which you want to run the analysis and various selection criteria before clicking Run Report


If you want to run the report for just some of the questions, ror example you may want to exclude the text answers, just put a comma separated list of question numbers in the Questions field.