Group Workflow

Adding a New Group

Adding a new group is as simple as clicking on the New Group menu option in the Groups menu and filling in the details before clicking Create.

Adding Members to the Group

Click on the Group Members link at the top of the main Group details page. You will get a list of any clients that are already in the group.

Click the New Member button you get a search dialog to locate the client that you want to add to the group. Simply highlight the client that you want to add and then click Select. The selected client will be added to the group and when you are returned to the list of group members the new member will be in the list.


Group members have to be clients in Paua. This means that if they are not already engaged in a programme with the agency they will have to be added as new clients.

If they are only partaking in the group and have no other interactions with the agency then you could possibly enter them in a programme called Groups or something similar.

There is also the possibility of using the special Client Status of Group Only for these clients as then it can be easy to exclude the group clients from statistics.

Editing Member Details

If you click on the group member in the list then you can edit certain details for that member.

You can add some notes for that member and there are also some Optional Medical Details that can be useful if your groups are going to entail outdoor excursions especially with school children.

Add New Session

Click on the Sessions link and then the New Session button and you can fill in the session details.

There is a session date and time along with location and facilitator and space to add notes. You can add as many facilitators as required by repeatedly clicking the Add Facilitator button. Likewise facilitators can be removed by ticking the remove checkbox next to the facilitator and then when you save the session that facilitator will be removed.

Editing a Session

Editing the session is where you can add or change the amount of time spent on the session, change the facilitators etc.

It is also where you record which members attended the session and which did not. At the bottom of the page is a list of Group members who did not attend this session and a list of Group members who did attend the session. There are buttons next to each member so that you can Remove from the Attended list and Add to Attended on the Not attended list.


You only get the option to specify who attended the session after it has taken place! That is when the session date is in the past.

In addition group members who have an exit date prior to the date of the session will not appear in the list of potential attendees.


Attachments can be added to a group. Just click the Attachments tab link and then New Attachment. You will be able to browse your computer for a file to attach and upload to the group.

Concluding a Group

There is an optional step where you can mark the group as Concluded. This means that there will be no more sessions so the group is effectively closed.

To Conclude a group simply click on the Conclude Group button on the main Group Details tab.

You will have the option to add some concluding notes and the group will be marked as concluded.


Once the group is marked as Concluded it can no longer be edited and you can no longer add Members or Sessions