Useful Tips

Spell Checking

You can get spellchecking in Paua by enabling spell checking in your browser.

Most browsers do this without any addons required.

It is impossible to give a definitive answer as browsers are always evolving but in general for Chrome: - Click on the three dots at the top right of the browser

  • Select Settings from the drop down menu
  • Go to Advanced and then Languages
  • You should ensure that your required language is at the top of the list (it may default to US English)
  • Tick the button that says Enable spell checking

And for for Firefox: check the following link:


On recent Mac computers Chrome may use the built in system wide spell checker and the browser preference may be missing.
To set up the system wide spellchecker go to System Preferences->Keyboard->Text and tick the box Correct Spelling Automatically


There are also browser extensions that can be added to your browser to give more features such as grammerly for Chrome.

Typing Macrons

The Paua database can store macrons in text fields so as long as you know how to enter a letter with a macron it will be saved and retrieved correctly from the database. The method of inputting letters with macrons is different depending on what sort of computer you are using.

For Windows users there is a very good web page with instructions at

For Mac users you should generally be a able to generate macrons by holding down the vowel key on the keyboard until a small dialog pops up with various accented versions of the character. All you have to do is click the one you want or simply type the number below the required letter.

Entering dates in Paua

When entering a date in Paua you can enter it in two ways.

  • Manually in the form dd-mmm-yyyy (eg. 17-Nov-2008). The three letter month is to prevent ambiguities in case some people have their computers set up to expect American style mm-dd-yyyy dates.
  • Using the Date Widget. This is probably slower than manual entry but you should not be able to enter an invalid date. Simply click on the little calendar icon on the right hand side of the date field and the widget will open up.