Initial Setup

Once you have got your own Organisation Login and User Login for Paua, you are ready to begin!

First of all you should check that you can login. Instructions for logging in can be found in the Logging in Page.

Note Once you have logged in with your initial password you may want to change your password to something different. There is a link on the left hand navigation menu on the Home Page to enable you to change your password.

Once logged in you are free to create new users, change system settings, create client records and much more. Your new ‘clean’ system will have had some common general settings already setup such as lists of Ethnicities, Marital Statuses etc.

The one crucial list that has not been setup is Programmes (also known as Services by some agencies) as these are different for each organisation. Setting up programmes should therefore be one of your first tasks. Instructions for maintaining the list of programmes and other Dropdown Lists can be found in the Administration section.

Now you should be ready to add a couple of clients. This is a good exercise to get used to the system and find any other dropdown lists that need modifying. Details about adding clients are in the Client Management section.


You can do some extensive ‘playing around’ on the system and once you have created some clients and other details you may decide to restart with a clean slate. This is not a problem. Simply contact us and we can clean and tidy up the system for you!