Group Printouts

Group information can be accumulated and summarised in several ways from the Group Summary page which is the landing page when opening an existing group.

Summary Printout

This printout is available from the Summary Printout button at the bottom of the page. It repeats the information found on the Group Summary page with the addition of a list of group members along with how many sessions they have attended.

Full Printout

This printout starts the same as the Summary Printout with the addition of details of all the sessions with lists of attendees, time spent and any notes.

Medical and Contact Details

This is intended as a hard copy for group leaders to take on an outdoor group session.

For each group member it shows the contact details of any person who is specified as contact for dependent child on the Family Mambers page. If there is nobody specified as the contact then it shows the group membres own contact details.

ALso listed are any Medical Details that have been recorded for this group member so that the group leader / facilitator knows about any allergies or other issues.

Attendance Table

This is a table consisting of all the group members down the side with the sessions across the top.

Ticks indicate sessions that the member has attended and the far right column gives an overall percentage attendance.