Outcomes and Properties

Outcomes and Client Properties are functionally very similar but are used in slighty different ways.

Outcomes as the name suggests are designed to record outcomes of the client engagement
for the client such as Met Goals, Programme Completed and so on.

Properties are designed to record intrinsic properties of the client such as Pregnant, Requires Transport, Consent Given and similar.


Client Outcomes are always present in Paua whereas Client Properties may not be available at some agencies as there is a Preference which allows them to be suppressed.

Setting up Outcomes and Properties

In the Admin Menu there are options for both Outcomes and Properties.

Clicking on these options produces a dropdown menu where you can select the Outcomes or Properties themselves or Property Groups and Outcome Groups.


If you create several Groups for containing the individual outcomes it will make the client pages more readable as theoutcomes or properties will be grouped together in collapsible sections.

This is particulary useful if you have large numbers of oytcomes or properties.

Creating an Outcome/Property Group

If you click on the Outcome/Property Group option you get a list of existing groups with the option to create more by clicking the New Outcome/Property Group button.

The group just consists of a name and an Active checkbox.

Creating an Outcome/Property

These are created in exactly the same ways as the groups. The only difference is that in addition to the name of the outcome/property there is also a dropdown list of groups that you can make the outcome/property belong to.

Filling in Outcomes/Properties for a Client

There are tab links at the top of the main cient page to both Client Properties.

The actual pages consist of groups of outcomes or client properties in collapsible sections of the page. All you have to do is tick the outcomes that apply.


It is possible to both search for clients by outcome or client property and it is also possible to run a Stats Breakdown report by outcomes or by client properties.